Q & A with Master Trainer Juan Gonzalez

1. What inspired you to become a Master Trainer with StrongNation?

I have always liked training Instructors, I have had the opportunity to do it with different national and international brands. When the opportunity arose to be part of the Mts Team of the program that I fell in love with, StrongNation, I did not hesitate. 


2. When did you become a MT?  2019

3. What would be your one “take away” lesson that you’d like your students/trainees take away from you? "Do it with passion" Doing things with passion, love, dedication and discipline make it possible for us to go where we did not know we could go.


4. What’s your favorite food? A Mexican fruit called "Tuna" and a Mexican dish called "enfrijoladas" (the best ones are the ones my mother cooks) 


5. When you’re not working or teaching, what is your favorite past time? Watching movies, I love science fiction movies, space movies.


6. Give us one fun fact about you please. 

My wife was driving, I was co-pilot and my son was in the back, we talked about anything. Suddenly I saw in the distance a dog lying outside his house. It occurred to me to roll down the car window and bark at him, hahaha, yes, I barked at the dog. The dog just raised its head and turned around making a face that still makes us laugh a lot. 😂😂😂😂

Become a Strong Nation™ with Master Trainer Juan Gonzalez, Mexico City

Trainings are done in Spanish.